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The Brazilian Interest in South Florida Real Estate

Friday, April 4, 2014

~~Brazilian investors have taken a veritable strong hold on South Florida real estate, since the crash of the economy in 2013. This cash capital flight found its’ way into South Florida and the effects are tangible and visible in the rising costs and flood of new developments in Miami. From pre-construction projects to existing single family homes, real estate investment from foreign capital such as Brazil is one of the reasons the Miami market has made such a remarkable come back from the collapse in 2008. Sellers benefit from the cash transactions and since 78% of Brazilians are buying in cash, the preconstructions that have emerged structure their financing towards cash buyers. Brazilians were the largest purchasers from 2011 to 2012 and they paved the way and increased international confidence in the Miami market. Today, the Asian interests, European interests, and continued Latin American interests have driven record breaking sales in real estate in South Florida.

The Real Deal wrote a piece on this development and included Chad Carroll’s insight and experience with Brazilian buyers and the benefits of the cash payment structuring, “The payment structure was more feasible, with the increments of deposits due over two years.” The Chad Carroll Group, championed by Chad Carroll have been representing the Brazilian interest in South Florida real estate for five years and have witnessed first hand the impact cash purchases have made on the local market as a whole. As the market has surged upward in terms of sales and value in Miami, the international interest has not decreased and the demand outweighs the supply of homes and condominiums. Sellers or potential sellers are strongly urged to list their homes and condominiums, since the inventory is still constrained and the demand is still high. For more information on listing with The Chad Carroll Group, contact a member of our team today.

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